Welcome to the Hazleton City Authority Trash and Recycling Page

Please remember: Your Fee for garbage has been lowered for the second time. Beginning Sept. 1,2019 the monthly fee for garbage will be $17.00. There will be a city wide yard waste pickup (in Hazleton) every 2nd Saturday of the month through October. Do Not place any building materials out for garbage collection. One (1) bulk item per week is allowed. Do Not throw any plastic bags in with your recycling. Thank You!

Having an issue with your trash & recycling?

Contact Tamaqua Transfer on either of these phone numbers:

phone 866.337.1007 or phone 570.668.4515

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Click on the Earth to see the trash and Recycling Map

Open up the PDF and see what day your trash and recycling is collected.

Please Recycle

We all need to do our part and recycle. With your participation in our recycling program we can clean up our planet and keep it clean!

Click here for the 2017-18 Amending Chapter 203 (Solid Waste) of the Hazleton City Code.
Click here for the Time and Placement of Trash ordinance.
Click here for the City of Hazleton Garbage Collection and Disposal Ordininace
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