Information For All Sales Of Real Estate Currently Being Serviced By The Hazleton City Authority.

        Property sellers must arrange for a final water reading prior to selling the property in order not to receive billings after the date of closing. The meter will be removed before            the closing has occurred to produce a final bill. 

        A final water read and removal of the water meter can be made by calling the office for an appointment at (570) 454-2401.                                                                                                      Office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:15 PM, Monday through Friday.

       If a final water read and water meter removal has not been scheduled, the seller will be responsible for all services provided up to and                                                                                 including five days after application and notification forms have been received by the Hazleton City Authority.

       New property owners must register at the Hazleton City Authority for a water service contract prior to their closing.

       New owners will need to provide identification of the property (Deed), photo ID, and $35.00 service fee.

       If new property owners do not register for water service at the Hazleton City Authority, the water service will be shut off at the curb.

       Please note due to numerous requests for settlement information, a one-week notice is required.     

Information For Property Sales & Purchases -Please Follow This Process

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