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The Hazleton City Authority is committed to providing safe, clean water for residents of Greater Hazleton and the surrounding areas.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act provides the rules and regulations to ensure safe drinking water for all our customers at all times. We continually monitor the quality of our water right at the source and maintain the highest standards in treating the water. We sample and test our water for bacteria as required by state and federal regulations.

Every year, the Hazleton City Authority issues a comprehensive water quality report that details the testing results of the past year and summarizes the quality of water provided to our customers.


Our top priority is, and always has been, to provide our customers with a safe, dependable supply of drinking water. We continually work to improve the water treatment and distribution process and protect water resources, recognizing that the quality of our water affects not only the people who live here but also business, industry, the environment and wildlife. As we work to meet our community’s water needs, we seek to provide the best quality water at the best value.