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hca-work-2After the Hazleton City Authority has treated its water supply, it is delivered to homes throughout Greater Hazleton. Our network of reservoirs, wells, tanks, water mains and pipes is designed to handle the water needs of the nearly 15,000 customers we serve, with parts of the water delivery system buried underground.

When it comes to your water, you may occasionally have a question about who’s responsible for equipment that brings your water from our system to your faucet.

hca-work-1The Hazleton City Authority is responsible for 231 miles of pipeline in Luzerne, Carbon and Schuylkill counties; the service connection from the water main to curb valves; and the curb valves, which are located underground and control the flow of the water to your home.

The customer is responsible for the lines that lead from the curb valve to the home or business. If a break or leak occurs between your house and the curb valve, then repairs are your responsibility.

HCA is responsible for the home’s water meter, unless it has been tampered with. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep the meter from damages that result from freezing, excessive heat or vandalism.