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The Hazleton City Authority filters and supplies water to municipalities throughout Greater Hazleton in Luzerne, Schuylkill and Carbon counties, supplying just over 15,000 customers with water. The water is provided through a system of reservoirs, wells and pipes that are continually inspected and maintained.

The municipalities served by HCA’s Filtration Plant receive fluoride in their drinking water. Fluoride in the Hazleton Area’s drinking water is maintained at the recommended level of approximately one part per million.

The city, townships, boroughs and villages receiving fluoridated water from HCA include:

  • Hazleton
  • West Hazleton
  • Parts of Hazle Township, including the villages of: Milnesville, Lattimer, Harleigh, Ebervale, West Oakdale, Oakdale, Middletown, Japan Jeddo, Drifton, Stockton # 7, New Coxeville, Jeanesville, Hazle Village, Harwood, Hollars Hill, Crystal Ridge, Cranberry, Humboldt and Pardeesville
  • Hudsondale (Packer Township)
  • Buck Mountain (Lausanne Township)
  • Junedale and Coxeville (Banks Township)
  • Jeddo Borough
  • Portion of Sugarloaf Township along the Airport Beltway and Route 93
  • Portions of Butler Township, including points north of the Airport Beltway and the easternmost section of Pardeesville
  • Foster Township, including Youngstown and the Foster Township portion of Freeland

HCA also provides water to customers through a system of wells in Tomhicken, Derringer, Delano and Park Place. This water is not fluoridated.

HCA’s wells serve customers in Tomhicken (Sugarloaf Township), Derringer and Fern Glen (Black Creek Township), Delano and Trenton (Delano Township), and Park Place, Buck Mountain and Vulcan (Mahanoy Township).

Additionally, Eckley Village and the Beaver Meadows Municipal Authority are consecutive systems, meaning they purchase water from HCA and then, in turn, supply it to their customers.